Bathroom Tile Flooring

Bathroom Tile FlooringBathrooms and toilets are some of the few neighborhoods within the house which everyone wants sparkling clean. Moreover, this ‘sparkling clean’ thing is not only for the newly constructed ones rather it stands for each day. So the bathroom floor should be made of such a material which if cleaned regularly remains as good as new. Normally the bathroom or toiled flooring is done in tiles which are usually ceramic (going up till nearly half of the wall), stone tiles, vinyl flooring, linoleum or even porcelain. Let us find out what works best for a bathroom.

Bathroom Tiles

Ceramic Tiling

Ceramic tile is a popular choice when it comes to bathroom flooring. The first reason is its durability. Ceramic tiles last long. Moreover, when it comes it variety, it is endless within ceramics. They are much lesser in cost as compared to other tiles and are also easier to fix being light in weight.

Porcelain Tiling

Porcelain is a harder material as compared to the ceramic tiles but it is denser and has a greater porosity meaning that it can absorb water easily thus being more stain resistant and God knows that bathroom is the most likely place for stains to happen. Apart from these properties, the porcelain tile is versatile when it comes to design and can even be printed like leather or other fashionable prints.

Mosaic Tiling

Mosaic tiles are a classification of tiles that are usually 2 inch (5 cm) or smaller pieces. They can be squares, most commonly found in home improvement stores, or odd shapes usually purchased in a craft or art store. They are made of various materials including glass, ceramic and porcelain. Mosaic is listed here separately because it has some takes out the wonderful properties from each of the above tiling materials and magnifies them. It is even said that a small bath looks bigger when tiled in mosaic.

Stone Tiling

Tiles made from stone are usually marble or granite. Both of them are the ones used mostly when it comes to bathrooms and toilets. Granite is very, very hard which adds to its durability while marble is luxuriously soft and exquisite.

What to Choose from the lot?

Choosing the tile best for the bathroom floor depends not only on the taste but also on price.


Talking about durability, the granite is a top notch tile. It can easily sustain any kind of wear and tear. The ceramic comes after granite. However, the mosaic, porcelain and the marble are tiles which need to be taken care and given a regular service.


Here the scenario is totally opposite to that of ‘durability’. Based on design marble and mosaic are the most beautiful and versatile of the lot. Then come porcelain tiles and lastly the ceramic and the granite tiles.


Price matters and so do installation expenses. Each of the above tiles varies in price as it depends a whole lot on design and type. However, the ceramic and stone flooring is usually affordability-friendly. If you want your bathroom to look cool and clean, choosing any of the aforementioned tile for your bathroom floor depending on your taste and budget too.