Ceramic Tile Installation

ceramic tile installation.jpgInstalling a ceramic tile is really a hard job in this day. It involves a great deal of preparation along with planning. However, once done, the results are extremely satisfactory and becoming. The cost on the whole is extremely satisfactory as compared to other kinds of floorings and wall designing materials. Additionally, it can also be installed yourself or some ceramic tile installer can be hired.


The general procedure for installing the ceramic tile is as follows:
  • Make sure that the temperature of the said room is around 60 degrees Fahrenheit before and even 48 hours after the installation of the tiles.
  • The region to be tiled, be it the floor or the wall, ought to be regular, flat and void of any randomness. Make sure that it is clean too. If not scrub it extensively before starting tiling.
  • It is always nice to have an insight of the floor before starting the procedure. Make a rough sketch of the room. It will help you get an idea of how much material would be required and the total surface area to be tiled.
  • Before installing the ceramic tiles, calculate the area of the tile and chalk the surface using a model tile by marking out its borders. This will help in laying out the material.
  • Apply the mortar first, then, the adhesive paste.
  • After doing so, set the tile and press it down by tapping it with a hard mallet.
  • Let the tiles dry for about 24-48 hours and avoid walking unnecessarily on them.


The precautions involved in ceramic tile installation are as follows:
  • When setting tile do not “swirl” the trowel, this creates uneven heights in the mortar.
  • Work in manageable segments. Do not mix more than what can be completed in 20 mins.
  • Adhesive that “oozes” out between the tiles can be removed with a damp sponge or edge of a spacer.
This was a quick procedure for doing tiling yourself. But you can hire ceramic tile installers too these days who charge hourly but the work done is extremely smooth and trustworthy.


On the whole, when it comes to wall covering and tile flooring, you need some kind of durable material, which can last long and is attractive at the same time then it is none other than ceramic tiles. They can be easily installed as a floor and wall covering especially in the bathrooms and the kitchens alongside the verandah. They do well in the balconies too. Ceramic tiled walls have the ability to resist moisture as compared to normal concrete. The same is the case with ceramic tiled floors. In short, ceramic tiles are an excellent choice for flooring and wall covering.


Because it is always recommended that extra ceramic tile is purchased (around 10 to 20% more than anticipated) to allow for breakage; materials fees for the installation of ceramic tiles would range from $10 to $21 per square foot, or roughly $305 to $612. (www.Fixr.com)


When it comes to decorating the house, one surely sees the pocket first. Affordability is the number one issue that needs to be satisfied. Ceramic tile installation is affordable, trustworthy, design oriented and lasting at the same time.