Marble Tile Flooring

installing marble tile flooringIn the modern days, many types of materials have showcased themselves which can be used for tiling. Each of them has a different property that makes it unique but there is something about one of them which is not present in any other material. Yes, it is the marble! When it comes to tile flooring, marble is a natural choice because of its uniqueness, beauty, surface finish and many other properties which are listed below. Although maintenance conscious, yet marble is something to that definitely something that anyone would love to get their hands on!


Choosing marble tile flooring definitely has some advantages. Let us discuss a few of them:

Marble is Stylish

It cannot be argued that there is any more of the stylish tiling materials available. Marble has a style that cannot be copied and neither can it be disagreed with. Each marble tile has a different color and design depending on the rock it has been cut out of. The tiles are available in various shapes such as triangular, rectangular or any other that you could think of.


As mentioned earlier, the natural properties that marble is blessed with help in its unique existence and thus, each kind of tiles has different features from the other one.


Marble has a great natural look. Just like that of a mountain borne on your floor. It is beautiful and extremely trendy.


Marble has a natural translucent property. Translucence is when a certain material allows a very little amount of light to pass through it. Thus, the result effect is a glow that the floor exhibits.

Polish & Heat Conducting Property

The glamor of marble tile floor lies in its polish. After getting polished it shows an immensely smooth surface which looks as if it is going to melt at the slightest touch. This property also requires a lot of care. Marble is also a great conductor of heat, making it eligible for a variety of below surface radiant heating systems to be installed.

What to Take care of?

Apart from the regular precautions, marble tile flooring requires specialized care. This care involves avoiding the scratches. Although on the surface marble looks very hard, yet in reality it is a very soft material which loses its grace and properties if treated roughly. Acid has a very harmful effect on marble floor. When marble comes in contact with acidic substances (this includes some food items too) it gets strangely discolored and it is very difficult to remove those stains. In other words, the acidic stains on marble are permanent. While installing the marble tiles, ensure that there aren’t any gaps left because if there are, then the marble tiled floor is bound to suffer from cracking, breaking and chipping off.


The cost of marble tile can range all the way from as little as $3.00 per square foot, up to as much as $15 or $20 per square foot, making it one of the more expensive natural stone flooring options. In short, marble tile flooring is one of the best options out of various types of flooring, if you know how to take care of your house and not let it go to dogs!