Shower Tile Installation

After a long and tiring day it is always nice to come back home, rush in to the shower, close your eyes and let the water soothe you. After a few moments, when you get to open your eyes, you see your surroundings. What if the shower is not even worthy to look at… It will take the freshness out of you and throw you back to whence you came in…. The shower is a very important and exquisite feature of the bathroom and it needs to be appropriately decorated with durable utilities which also happen to make it design worthy. The most important aspect of a shower is its floor tiling. Let us observe how it can be made up to the mark.

Selection of the Tile

  1. Porcelain is usually one of the best materials to use in the shower. It has a smooth, glazed surface which is easier to clean and is even a bit hard, thus making it durable. The price of porcelain is usually variable and depends on the design.
  2. On second number comes the mosaic which is design-friendly and the glossy and glassy appearance make it feel pretty cool and as explained earlier the feeling is everything when it comes to showers.

Tile Installation

The tile installation is pretty much similar to the flooring. However, make sure that the wall is also covered with tiles up to an average height of a person which makes it around 6 feet. The good thing about this is that covering the walls helps in keeping the water off the concrete and it also makes the shower lasting and durable.

General Tips

These are some general tips while tiling your shower. Make sure that they are followed.
  1. Always use smaller tiles on the curve because they handle the curves much better as compared to other ones of larger size. This is easy if you are using the mosaic tiles.
  2. If you are making a separate compartment for the shower in the bathroom, try using colored or blind glass as compared to large clear ones. First of all it helps in privacy if someone unduly enters. Secondly, clear glass tiles can show moisture trapped behind them and make a great shower look awful even after a little use.
  3. Consider universal design for the shower. Pick a large-format tile and a one-way slope for easy access to the shower. This increases the durability and they also make the bathroom look bigger.


In short, it all depends on your taste. But with taste consider other features too of what you are using. Always try to imagine what you are going to take the shower in, before buying and installation.