Tile Installation

tile installationTile installation is basically a subsequent matter in the construction of a house, be it floor tiling, wall tiling, bathroom tiling, roof tiling or any place else. Working in all of the above locations requires following the same steps which are explained step by step below:

Surface Preparation

Any kind of tile which is being installed requires that the surface be prepared first. It ought to be made regular and the uneven areas need to be evened out. This might require leveling in some places and removal of material in some places too. This is necessary to avoid the moisture that might accumulate in the space that might form after the tiling due to the irregular service.

An Efficient Layout

The layout of the target area aims at providing a decent idea of how much the material will be used and how it is going to be placed. Use a chalk to measure the sides of the tile you are about to use. In fact, use a model tile to begin mapping out the floor with chalk. In this way you will have an area mapped in chalk which would make it easy to lay out the tiles.

Adhesive Application

The key to remember before preparing the adhesive is to prepare only that much which will get used up in 30 minutes. The reason is pretty simple. If not, it will dry out and not help in bonding the tile to the floor. Another rule of thumb is to not spread a larger area with the adhesive than necessary. Do it on a step by step basis.


Place the tile on the already tile-patterned floor and stick to the layout. At the ends of the room, cut the tile carefully and make the edges smooth. A rod-saw would come in handy in this case. Set the tile very carefully and slowly without displacing a whole lot of the adhesive. It usually helps by starting in the center and then moving outwards. Once a grid is completely installed, tap in all tiles with a rubber mallet or hammer and wood block to ensure a solid bond and level plane.

Removal of Excess Adhesive

Remove excess adhesive from joints with a putty knife and from tile with a damp sponge to prevent an uneven appearance. Lastly, allow your hard work at least 24-36 hours to set before walking on it. The tile installation is a fairly easy procedure which can also be done on a Do-It-Yourself basis. However, if you feel that it might be tough for you, tile installation services can be hired from the open market very easily and on affordable basis.