Shower Tile Installation

After a long and tiring day it is always nice to come back home, rush in to the shower, close your eyes and let the water soothe you. After a few moments, when you get to open your eyes, you see your surroundings. What if the shower is not even worthy to look at… It will take the freshness out of you and throw you back to whence you came in…. The shower is a very important and exquisite feature of the bathroom and it needs to be appropriately decorated with durable utilities which also happen to make it design worthy. The most important aspect of a shower is its floor tiling. Let us observe how it can be made up to the mark.

Selection of the Tile

  1. Porcelain is usually one of the best materials to use in the shower. It has a smooth, glazed surface which is easier to clean and is even a bit hard, thus making it durable. The price of porcelain is usually variable and depends on the design.
  2. On second number comes the mosaic which is design-friendly and the glossy and glassy appearance make it feel pretty cool and as explained earlier the feeling is everything when it comes to showers.
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Marble Tile Flooring

installing marble tile flooringIn the modern days, many types of materials have showcased themselves which can be used for tiling. Each of them has a different property that makes it unique but there is something about one of them which is not present in any other material. Yes, it is the marble! When it comes to tile flooring, marble is a natural choice because of its uniqueness, beauty, surface finish and many other properties which are listed below. Although maintenance conscious, yet marble is something to that definitely something that anyone would love to get their hands on!


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Bathroom Tile Flooring

Bathroom Tile FlooringBathrooms and toilets are some of the few neighborhoods within the house which everyone wants sparkling clean. Moreover, this ‘sparkling clean’ thing is not only for the newly constructed ones rather it stands for each day. So the bathroom floor should be made of such a material which if cleaned regularly remains as good as new. Normally the bathroom or toiled flooring is done in tiles which are usually ceramic (going up till nearly half of the wall), stone tiles, vinyl flooring, linoleum or even porcelain. Let us find out what works best for a bathroom. Continue reading

Installing Tile Floor

Installing Tile FloorInstalling the tile floor is a pretty easy task if you know what materials are needed and the 6-7 step procedure following up with the precautions. However, if you don’t know how to do to a tile installation service can always be called upon and you can sit back and enjoy. Anyway, a simple way of installing a floor with tiles is as follows:

Tools required

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Tile Installation

tile installationTile installation is basically a subsequent matter in the construction of a house, be it floor tiling, wall tiling, bathroom tiling, roof tiling or any place else. Working in all of the above locations requires following the same steps which are explained step by step below: Continue reading

Ceramic Tile Installation

ceramic tile installation.jpgInstalling a ceramic tile is really a hard job in this day. It involves a great deal of preparation along with planning. However, once done, the results are extremely satisfactory and becoming. The cost on the whole is extremely satisfactory as compared to other kinds of floorings and wall designing materials. Additionally, it can also be installed yourself or some ceramic tile installer can be hired. Continue reading

Tile Jobs – Can Everyone set Tiles?

tile setterWe often take the most mundane things for granted, until we have to do them ourselves, then we realize the amount of effort that goes into them. A day in the life of a professional tile setter can make us appreciate the level of hard work and skill that they put in, this seemingly simple task. The slightest of errors can have devastating results on the whole place, incurring large loss of time and money. So rather than getting yourself into something that you may not be able to do, it is better to avail the services of a seasoned professional, who has been trained to do what you might want to do to kill a few weekend hours. Continue reading