Tile Jobs – Can Everyone set Tiles?

tile setterWe often take the most mundane things for granted, until we have to do them ourselves, then we realize the amount of effort that goes into them. A day in the life of a professional tile setter can make us appreciate the level of hard work and skill that they put in, this seemingly simple task. The slightest of errors can have devastating results on the whole place, incurring large loss of time and money. So rather than getting yourself into something that you may not be able to do, it is better to avail the services of a seasoned professional, who has been trained to do what you might want to do to kill a few weekend hours.

What is a Tile Job?

Professionals in this area are called by a variety of names, the more common ones which are tile installers and tile setters. Tiles are an important part of the flooring done in residential and commercial units. Though conventionally tiles have been popularly used in bathrooms and kitchens, they diversity in designs and materials have led to hybrid designs that may cover the whole house from the walls to the floors. The mechanism is fairly simple, the setter applies some kind of adhesive to the tile so that it firmly sets to the surface that it is intended to cover. The skill set required is dexterity of the hands and a penchant for creativity and problem solving. As dealing with customers and earning new ones is more than half the job, great soft skills will go a long way in the profession. Being comfortable with your tool box is essential for maintaining your spot among professionals. Floats, levels and power saws are just some of the items that you should expect to work with every day. With experience and foresight, a competent tiler may be able to set up his own shop after a decade or so in the business. If such a move is on the cards then people need to equip themselves with more premium skill sets such as mastering Computer Aided Drawings (CAD) and project management software to look after a burgeoning business.

Requirements of becoming a Professional Tile Setter

The basic education requirements for a tile setter may not be much. A high school diploma coupled with some years of on the job experience may be enough to land you independent jobs as a professional tile setter. However, doing the apprenticeship is the best way to learn the craft and practice it as it should be done. The duration of the apprenticeship program varies from place to place, with the shortest being a three month training to one that spans over three years. It is in the best interest of the individual to be associated with a professional association of some sort. A professional certification may be the best step forward, and with time national associations which represent the interest of all tile setters country wide may be the logical step.